My #Clair2018: Because all together, we go further!

Our Executive Director, Audrey Miller, in turn shares with us some thoughts and inspiring thoughts from her second lifetime experience at the Clair - Seeing Education Differently conference.

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Our Executive Director, Audrey Miller, in turn shares with us some thoughts and inspiring thoughts from her second lifetime experience at the Clair - Seeing Education Differently conference.

We are many to live this beautiful nostalgia following our participation in the conference #Clair2018! For my part, I experience this feeling after most of the events in which I get emotionally involved, either by participating in their organization, by working there directly or after having lived there experiences which transform me forever. This edition is far from being an exception. Precious moments and inspiring encounters, this is what I remember!

I don't know if it's the ambient air, the Acadian accent, the fact of feeling so welcome in a small community with a big heart or the sweet comfort of remembering that humans will always take precedence over technology, but there is certainly a little je ne sais quoi in this annual event, carried by the Haut-Madawaska Learning Center, which is totally out of the ordinary.

Our Clair conference is one of the few to directly and openly shed light on the actors in the success of young people, and particularly young people themselves. The people we see on stage are the same people who are sitting next to us the next hour. They are the same who get involved, give and share generously. These are people from the background.

I also like that in Clair, the majority of activities are experienced "all together". The only times when the participants are separated into smaller groups are those of the barcamp, where they all participate in building the schedule and orienting the subjects, in addition to sharing the animation. It is a celebration of collaboration at all levels, a clear manifestation of the benefits of working in a network, an invitation to be inspired by your peers.

I lived the majority of the 2018 conference behind the scenes, with my precious colleagues, to conduct interviews that will continue to keep the flame of #Clair2018 alive for several more months. I heard from people I already knew who continued to knock me down, and I also enriched my network. I sometimes regretted having missed certain activities, but I still left with the pride of continuing to keep it alive for a long time thanks to the École branchée!

I will be back at #Clair2019, I can't wait to see you there or see you again! I hope to have the opportunity to contribute again as much as I can, nurturing this spirit of sharing that drives us all forward, moreover underlined by our Minister of Education, Mr. Sébastien Proulx, in his speech.

The actions that I remember ..

• tolerate ambiguity (Margarida Romero)
• favor benevolence (Jonathan Cyr)
• become aware of his leadership (Marius Bourgeoys)
• leave room for error and arouse interest through open problems (Simon Lavallée)
• teach metacognitive strategies to channel curiosity (Margarida Romero)
• undertake to learn (Alain Poitras)
• see the school as a laboratory for social innovation (Margarida Romero)

Some thoughts that I would like to share with you ...

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About the Author

Audrey Miller
Audrey Miller
General manager of École branchée, Audrey holds a graduate degree in educational technologies and a bachelor's degree in public communication. Member of the Order of Excellence in Education of Quebec, she is particularly interested in the professional development of teachers, information in the digital age and media education, while actively creating bridges between the actors of the educational ecosystem since 1999. She is involved these days in particular in Edteq Association and as a member of the ACELF Communications Committee. When she has free time, she is passionate about her children, his rabbits, horses, good wine and... Web programming!

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