In a few days, the summer vacation will begin! Here are two whole months to rest, to visit, to indulge in its leisures… We do not always think of it, but often close to home organizations which need people ready to devote time to help the community.

You can volunteer in an association, volunteer, or do simple things that can help improve things. Everyone can act on their own scale.

The activities we offer to end the school year encourage students to think about the many ways to be useful during the holidays.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- estimate the important needs in their neighborhood or city;
- determine what he would like to do as a volunteer;
- know the associations which correspond to his desires;
- understand the consequences of a simple donation;
- list the daily actions, both simple and useful.

Suggested activities

ACTIVITY 1: What are the needs?

Taking as an example the city or the district where the pupils live, ask them to think, in groups, about the necessary needs (help for people, environment…) and in particular those which will increase during the summer period.

Then compare the responses of the different groups. What are the most urgent needs?

ACTIVITY 2: What would you like to do?

If your students were to get involved as volunteers in an association, what would they like to do? And in which association?

ACTIVITY 3: A small gesture can have big consequences ...

This activity will show students the importance of supporting associations by highlighting their actions. They will have to choose three associations and explain what they have already been able to achieve thanks to the donations and the action of the volunteers, as well as what remains for them to do.

ACTIVITY 4: Everyone can act on their own scale ...

Without being a volunteer, everyone can do useful things every day with simple actions. As a whole class or in groups, the students will have to make a list of all these details that make the difference ...

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