A certification in reverse learning

If reverse learning interests you, whether you are a beginner or seasoned with the approach, discover this new global organization that could train you, and even certify you!

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If reverse learning interests you, whether you are a beginner or seasoned with the approach, discover this new global organization that could train you, and even certify you!

Interested in reverse learning, but don't know where to start? To learn more about its pedagogical principles, its possible formulas or the preferred technologies, in addition to being put in contact with qualified people, an organization is there for you!

The organism Global Initiative for Reverse Learning (Flipped Learning Global Initiative) is a grouping of stakeholders in the education community from all over the world. Its mission is to document best practices, carry out research and promotion as well as identify the relevant technologies to use. He also wants to promote this teaching method, facilitate networking between users and provide them with tools. For now, however, we note that the activities are all conducted in English.

A few days ago a press release issued by the organization even announced the creation of a reverse learning training and certification program.

A certification in 9 modules

Certification is first preceded by training divided into nine modules. Its objective is to equip stakeholders interested in the principles of reverse learning. One of the modules deals, for example, with the pedagogical principles underlying reverse learning. Other modules focus on the question of assessment, planning, technological tools to be favored or classroom management. The nine modules are:

  • The pedagogical principles of reverse learning
  • Planning for reverse learning
  • Best Practices in Reverse Learning
  • Technological tools for the flipped classroom
  • Time management
  • Reverse learning in different disciplines and different educational levels
  • Assessment in reverse learning
  • Selecting the right tools
  • Innovation in reverse learning

Level 1 certification is primarily intended for teachers who are unfamiliar with reverse learning and for those who, although experienced, desire official recognition. It can also be useful for managers who want to know how to support their environment in the implementation of this teaching method.

Training and certification are currently being tested and will be open to the general public shortly. So be on the lookout!

Reverse Class Ambassadors

The organization also recently published the name and contact details of 50 reverse learning ambassadors. This list is in addition to that of 100 stakeholders in the education sector identified by those in charge of the organization as innovators in this teaching method. Teachers interested in learning more about reverse learning in general or a particular aspect of it can thus get in touch with experienced people.

Certainly some Quebecers and Franco-Canadians are missing from these lists since we also have great expertise here on this subject!

It is possible to have information on reverse learning and to follow the most recent activities of the reverse organization by consulting its blog.

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Dominic Leblanc
Dominic leblanc
A graduate in sociology, Dominic Leblanc is an educational advisor in the Programs and Educational Development Department of the Cégep régional de Lanaudière in L'Assomption.

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