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After reading: Keeping track and sharing your discoveries!

Why not take advantage of the possibilities of digital technology to extend the life of reading, whether traditional or paper? Whether it's by recording your process in a digital portfolio or sharing your productions outside the classroom, here are some ideas that will motivate students.

While reading: Digital technology at the service of comprehension strategies

Digital technology offers great advantages when it comes to promoting the understanding of a concept, and therefore, of a reading. In particular, we will discover tools for annotating digital readings as well as tools for visually organizing the main ideas.

While reading: Digital technology at the service of reading strategies

In order for students to properly integrate reading strategies, it is important to model them and put them into practice in different contexts. We will see here how to achieve this using, in particular, video, audio and the interactive digital whiteboard (TNI).

Before reading: Choosing a digital book and optimizing its comfort

This dossier will offer countless avenues for combining “traditional” reading on paper and digital tools, but let's start with avenues for a fully digital experience.

After 32 years in teaching, I am once again a "young growth"

After all these years, all these reforms and all these debates on education, here I am once again reinventing myself!