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A little lesson in coopetition

Ideas travel and they are contagious. When they find their way into the mind of a discerning educational professional working in the context of a school open to the world, great opportunities can arise.

The doors of the Factory wide open for our elementary students

Today, the pupils of our primary sector have seen their horizons widen in front of them as in the famous scene from Mommy, the film by Xavier Dolan. Why, then? They learned that the doors of Fabrique Beaubois would be wide open to them next September.

After 32 years in teaching, I am once again a "young growth"

After all these years, all these reforms and all these debates on education, here I am once again reinventing myself!

Makerspace: The strength of a team

One of the particularities of the digital fabrication workshop project at Collège Beaubois is to bring together people from various backgrounds around the same table. Their expertise intersects to ultimately not only define the main lines of the project, but to establish the identity and the approach that will be given to it.

Makerspace: the report of a secondary 1 student

It all started a few months ago. At the beginning of September, the members of the management decided to innovate by developing the “Makerspace” project at the college. This involves providing the community with technological tools used, among other things, to create works of art and prototypes.