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The limits of augmented reality in education

Highly relevant, augmented reality technology serves the education community well, but is not yet perfect. Here are some limitations.

Resources and references on augmented reality in education

Here are the resources and references that made it possible to write the dossier on augmented reality in education. 

(File) Mathematics as a subject of creation

(continuation of the dossier) Maths is sometimes the main subject of a work or is integrated into its composition, or even in its title. Inspire your students with these ideas!

(Feature) Mathematics as a Tool to Support Creation

(continuation of the file) The relation between maths and the arts is written in the history. Here are concrete examples to use, inspired by creators of yesterday and today.

(Mathematics and arts file) Conclusion

(continuation of the file) Thus ends this fantastic voyage in the heart of the mathematical and artistic universes. Imagine new works with your students!