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Vocabulary development strategies that join the AUC

Support the development and enrichment of the vocabulary of all its students without having to adapt for those with a learning disability: it is possible, according to Madeleine Fauteux and Pascale Campeau, and it is even beneficial for the teacher (e). Focus on Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Flexible accommodation: from classroom management to individual management

Flexible classroom layout is a trend that is increasingly being seen in schools. To talk about it, we met two specialists in the issue, Geneviève Marcoux and Isabelle Patenaude, who provide their advice.

Combining academic and culinary learning is possible!

Marie-Claude Bernard, technician in nutrition and food management at the Pavillon du Millénaire (CS des Rives-du-Saguenay), presents the workshops and projects aimed at educating young people in healthy lifestyles.

Vary the oral teaching and say goodbye to "Hello, I am going to present my presentation to you"

Julie Noël is a pedagogical advisor at the RÉCIT National Service, in the field of languages. She tells us about different ways to vary the teaching of oral communication skills to move away from artificial formulations to the “Thank you for listening to me! "!

Robots in preschool education: stimulating perseverance and thwarting the report to error

Carole Raby, professor and researcher at UQÀM, is leading the CAP Robotics project with Geneviève St-Onge, from RÉCIT of the Hautes-Rivières CS, and Lynda O'Connell, from RÉCIT national to preschool education. They tell us about the benefits of CAp and robotics in preschool.