Generation C: a web series to familiarize high school students with life at Cégep!

The Cégep de Chicoutimi is innovating in its way of informing high school students about college life and the programs offered by their institution: its web series holds the attention of its young audience keen on new technologies.

On the Educational Web this week ...

Here are some tweets, blog posts or news that caught our attention this week.

The new CNatural bulletin of the MRNF

The Natural Bulletin! published by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife comes back to you this year with plenty of resources. Primary and secondary teachers, pedagogical advisers and guidance counselors are invited to subscribe.

UNICEF's 'Join the Movement' Campaign

Because too many children around the world are out of school, IKEA and UNICEF are mobilizing to provide as many children as possible with the education they need. This is why IKEA wishes to unite visitors to its stores around the cause of children by inviting them to participate in fundraising for the benefit of numerous education programs around the world.

An application for the world of education?

Quebec - Mirego, a Quebec-based company that develops applications for iPhone and iPad, is launching a contest that may be of interest to connected educators. As part of the competition, you could win 50,000$ in professional services at Mirego for the development of your own mobile application.