3 examples of virtual schools that work

"Virtual school is not for everyone, but let's face it, school is not for everyone either," says Marie-Claude Harnois, executive director of Étude Secours, an online educational service that allows high school students to complete certain core courses. She participated in the presentation of various virtual school projects at the most recent Digital Education Summit.

4 key elements to plan effective techno-pedagogical training

After a forced adjustment for teachers in the use of digital tools during the pandemic at Covid-19, the return to the classroom for 21-22 has come in different ways for many in terms of digital. More than ever, it will be important for schools to maximize digital teacher trainings to counteract the growing digital divide in education.

Lü donates technology products to schools in La Tuque and Repentigny

News Release - Two Quebec schools can now offer an immersive learning experience to their students thanks to the donation of systems by Lü Aire de jeu interactive. The Quebec City-based start-up is transforming school gyms into interactive educational experiences that promote learning, movement and collaboration.

The #Édubrèves - September 20, 2022 edition

Here are your #Edubrèves. In this edition: a new information site for 8-12 year olds, beware of nostalgia, school helpers are 15 years old, inspiring initiatives in education, professional development opportunities, interactive and live virtual field trips, a study on the new Quebec Culture and Citizenship course, the RÉCIT in numbers, and much more!

Thinking now about the potential of metavers in education

You hear the expression metavers and you smile? Wait a minute! These new digital collaboration environments could well offer opportunities for the world of education... and this, in a not so distant future. Here's an overview with Alexandre Chenette, Marie-Eve Lapolice and Benoît Petit.

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