The #Édubrèves - November 22, 2022 edition

Here are your #Edubrèves. In this edition: celebrating French teachers, free Computer Week workshops, podcast suggestions, a report on equity in British Columbia, the aftermath of Project Wow, what if screen time was socializing, and much more!

Wally, the walrus, to learn to code

It was during a visit to her public library that teacher Véronique Patry met Wally, the walrus who codes and decodes. She brought him home to get to know him better. After hours of fun with her children, she decided to bring Wally into her classroom to introduce her students to programming and electronics.

Launch of Entrepreneurs' Week at school

Press release - Until November 25, 2022, more than 27,000 young people from elementary school to university in the 17 regions of Quebec will participate in Entrepreneurs' Week at school. The program includes classroom conferences given by nearly 500 entrepreneurs on a volunteer basis. This is a great way to celebrate the human adventure of entrepreneurship during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Climate Change and Me: A series of 10 educational vignettes for ages 5 to 12

Nature-Action Québec's environmental and communications professionals have created a series of educational video vignettes entitled Climate Change and Me designed to raise awareness among children aged 5 to 12 about various phenomena related to climate change. These popular science tools are easily accessible via YouTube and each video includes an online quiz to consolidate learning.

What you need to know about the lightboard

The rise in popularity of the flipped classroom and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, have led many teachers to develop video vignettes for educational purposes. The lightboard, a technology that emerged seven or eight years ago, has caught the attention of many and has gained popularity on the Web and within the educational community. Our collaborators at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi have consulted the scientific literature on the subject. Here is a summary of what they learned.