There were four of them who wanted to fight… uh no! Who wanted to do otherwise ...

Have you ever had the impression that meeting a few individuals sharing the same ideal could initiate a great change? I've been living it "for real" for three years. Allow me the pleasure to introduce you to our school in Scott en Beauce, the L'Accueil school.

Showcase winning practices in your community

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a teacher who wanted to share with me the achievements of her students. They had made video capsules from a project I was doing in class a few years ago.

When the pyramid of the RAI model ends up upside down

Marie-Ève Gagnon, project manager for the deployment of the Digital Action Plan, presents her team's experience in developing teachers' digital skills. This is inspired by the Response to Intervention (RAI) model.

Testimonial from a CréaCampeur VIP

November 1, 2018, I participated in my first CréaCamp of the École branchée. Tuesday April 30, 2019, I board a second time in my car, accompanied by a colleague this time. At 9 a.m., the starting shot was given. I am crowned "CréaCampeur VIP" and given a gift card. I am so moved by this thought.

Educational leadership camp: Feedback on my professional and personal learning

From August 13 to 15, the EDU squad team presented its first Educational Leadership Camp. Our colleague Stéphanie was on site to interview participants. She has agreed to share her own inspiring learnings here.

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