The development of ethical citizenship in the digital age: everyone's business from elementary school and for life

Our collaborator Alexandre Chenette shares with us his vision of the development of ethical citizenship in the digital age. While the challenges of the digital age often elicit visceral and powerful emotional responses, it rather invites nuance.

Testimonial: Stepping out of the box to evaluate differently

Annie Guay, teacher and educational leader at L'Accueil de Scott school, shares with us the results of an approach that has led to the implementation of new assessment practices in her community.

Artistic creation, at the heart of my writing workshop

A French teacher tells us about her class project produced with the agreement of the American painter Laurel Holloman.

Le Grimoire Spontracté, or when design thinking inspires

A teacher from Collège Sainte-Anne shares with us her experience of a creative team approach to solve a problem related to distance education.

Mental health, intangible and so fragile

Testimonial: A teacher of yoga for children wants to learn to take care of oneself part of their learning.

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