Some winning attitudes to integrate ICT in the classroom

Faced with the use of technological innovations and the lot of unforeseen events they entail, what are the winning attitudes to develop among teachers when it comes to integrating ICT in the classroom?

The integration of ICT in the classroom is not just for “geeks”!

Contrary to what many may believe, the integration of ICT in the classroom is not an act reserved for teachers with advanced technological skills.

The taboos of Quebec education

We are tired! We carry the school of the 21st century at arm's length against and against too many actors stuck in their nostalgic and reassuring vision of education from another time.

When a minister has a vision for education in the 21st century

The Minister of Education of Quebec shares his vision for education in a book: is it not necessary that all those who are concerned by it take the time to see what it is?

An Order of Excellence in Education… why not?

This week, the Ministers of Education and Higher Education of Quebec announced the creation of an Order of Excellence in Education. In my opinion, this is good news, since it is a form of recognition of the work of innovative teachers.