Thank you to those involved in professional development in education (that's you!)

It goes without saying that we are living in an effervescent period, extremely charged emotionally. Our ideas are shaken up and we realize the urgency of updating education. What can we do, up to the teacher? At the moment, we can say that professional development in connection with digital technology is popular.

Become a freelance writer for the École branchée news feed!

The École branchée is looking for freelance authors to collaborate in the writing of articles for its news feed and to contribute to the educational monitoring of an ever-increasing number of actors interested in educational innovation and educational digital.

Educational leadership camp: Feedback on my professional and personal learning

From August 13 to 15, the EDU squad team presented its first Educational Leadership Camp. Our colleague Stéphanie was on site to interview participants. She has agreed to share her own inspiring learnings here.

Advocacy for continuing education training

Continuing education is a springboard for our personal and professional aspirations, but also for those of the people around us and the institution we represent.

Quebec elections: new government, new issues

The Coalition Avenir Québec conquered Quebec with a firm majority in the elections of October 1, 2018. What does this mean for Quebec education?