A laboratory of innovations at the service of teachers

Our contributor presents a testimonial on how the staff of the Moser School, a trilingual educational institution for students aged 8 to 18, in Switzerland, has weathered the pandemic and has perpetuated the use of digital technology, in particular by setting up a Teams space dedicated to sharing content among teachers.

GIS for learning anchored in the environment

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are part of our lives on a daily basis. They are particularly useful for stimulating and motivating young people to learn through concrete and dynamic projects. What place could they take in education?

The wheel of educational innovation

Innovation is about successfully implementing a new idea and creating value. Creativity is not the same as innovation. Creativity means coming up with a new idea. Innovation is taking that novel idea, engaging in a problem-solving process, and creating value.

Original and professional musical productions at College Regina Assumpta

Fall 2021 marked the beginning of a collaboration between Station Clip, a school that offers training in music production, and Collège Regina Assumpta, a high school in Montreal that offers a major in music. This allowed students to create using professional software used by musicians around the world.

Learning through video games (phase 1)

(Testimonial) Edutainment is defined as the integration of game mechanisms into learning situations. It is a fairly common practice in the field of education, however it is not always unanimously accepted.

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