My internships came to my rescue

This is a story about the daily reality of Ariane who, after four years of study, wakes up one morning in September, a 4th year teacher. After an incoherent, confusing and despairing first week, a past reality saves her life: her practical training! The purpose of this text, proposed by a retired UQO professor, is to help teachers remember basic techniques!

This digital that has a wide back!

In this opinion piece, Patrick Giroux, professor of educational technologies, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, Jacques Cool, educational consultant, speaker and trainer, and Stéphane Allaire, professor of educational practices, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, provide three arguments which can be useful in reaction to any position unreservedly condemning the use of digital technology in education.

Low motivation for writing: a primary school team transforms its entire approach

Annie Guay, teacher and pedagogical leader at L'Accueil de Scott, continues her reflection on the keys to success when a school team decides to change its approaches in order to give more value to student learning.

In French in Quebec… when a cultural immersion trip goes digital

Our collaborator André Magny is a teacher in the summer program En français à Québec, which allows young people from around the world to experience French immersion in Québec City. What happens when these language trips have to be held online? André shares his experience with us in this text.

Look in the rearview mirror: you are good!

As the school year draws to a close, Marie-Claude Harnois, general manager and educator of ÉtudeSecours, invites school stakeholders to look in the rearview mirror. “We can give ourselves a nice pat on the back and tell ourselves we're good. "

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