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Discover ONE, the digital space dedicated to elementary school

ONE is a secure digital space designed for preschool and elementary schools. It simplifies exchanges between members of the entire educational community and offers a privileged communication channel with families. As a year-round educational reference, ONE also allows teachers to ensure educational continuity in all circumstances, particularly in the event of class closures (? Sponsored story)

The news aces: to teach with the news!

Do you ever discuss current events in your class? Are your students curious about what's going on in Quebec and around the world? Are you on the lookout for pedagogical proposals designed to work not only on media literacy, but also on a variety of other subjects with your students? Les as de l'info, the first French-language daily news platform for children in Canada, offers a section for teachers specifically designed for you! (? Sponsored story)

iSpring Suite 11: Create personalized learning experiences quickly and seamlessly

Create even more powerful content with iSpring Suite 11! It has a modern, highly intuitive interface and additional features that allow users to create more personalized learning experiences and learners to study at their own pace. (? Sponsored Story)

Basket, Piano, Paper: Easier said than written

Mobi Essentials shares a result that brings a nice dose of hope! Here we are in year 2 of Techno Help's embryonic project to increase confidence and circumvent the things that cause distress in learning disabled 8-10 year olds. (? Sponsored story)

Top 5 digital educational resources to bring your classroom to life!

When technology and pedagogy team up, the results are great! The De Marque team - an international leader in digital books and education - collaborates with the best publishers of digital educational resources. Here is a selection of their favorites! // Sponsored feature