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Antidote 11 now networked

Press Release - Druide informatique announces the release of Antidote 11 v2, for network installation. Launched last October, Antidote 11 introduced more than 100 new features for English and French. In addition to the features specific to networked operation, the free v2 update brings several new linguistic and functional features.

Zelexio: jumping into the future one evaluation at a time

Press release - The Zelexio platform is the first digital product in Quebec education that allows the teacher to have a global portrait of the student (the academic profile, the emotional profile and the profile of perception of competencies in relation to self-perception).

Van Gogh at school: a new digital educational service in French

Press Release - The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is offering a new digital educational service in French for primary and secondary school students. Among other things, it presents virtual tours of the Museum and educational resources (games, interactive quiz, etc.).

End-of-year exams: 5 tools to help your students

Spring is already upon us, bringing with it good weather... and final exams! This is often a challenging time for students and teachers alike. To make it easier for you and your students to prepare, here are the 5 best tools from Alloprof. // SPONSORED FEATURE

Make your school community shine at the CNESST Grand Prix competition!

The CNESST Grand Prix competition is back with its Education category, which is aimed at teachers. Make your school projects known without delay! // SPONSORED REPORT

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