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Wooclap announces the launch of Quiz Wizard, its artificial intelligence tool

Belgian startup Wooclap has just unveiled its latest innovation, Quiz Wizard, a tool based on Artificial Intelligence and the technology behind ChatGPT. 

Exam preparation : Alloprof offers new workshops for students 

Press Release - The Alloprof facilitation team is offering 40-minute interactive workshops for groups of students to provide tips and tools to prepare for the last right until the end of the year.

How do young Canadians feel about data and its use by algorithms in the AI era?

The Decoding Algorithms and Data project is a Digital Moment initiative to educate Canadians about how artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and data work together to build our shared reality in the digital age. [🤝 Sponsored Feature]

Launch of the White Paper on the gendered digital divide

Press Release - Le Printemps numérique announces the release of its White Paper on the gendered digital divide, a study conducted by sociologist Amina Yagoubi and based on collaborative research.

FCCF launches second phase of La ruchée arts education lab

Press Release - The Fédération culturelle canadienne-française (FCCF) announces the launch of the second phase of La ruchée, a project whose mission is to develop accessible, useful and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the arts education community in the Canadian and Acadian Francophonie.