Mrs Prof

What are the support needs of new teachers and how can they be met?

Our columnist Mrs. Prof was interested in the support needs of new teachers. In this column, she offers an overview of these needs, as well as the means that can be put in place to allow effective support.

Objectification: naming and identifying learning to better classify it in memory (Part 2)

Emotional memory and procedural memory are often called upon in the creation of memories. Here is a way to get around this automatism and instead stimulate semantic memory.

Memory and memory formation: when emotions and procedures take over (Part 1)

Memory is not infallible and sometimes it does not record the information that one would like. Discover the role of emotional and procedural memories in information retention.

Applied empathy, or the Pygmalion effect as a positive lever

Read for inspiration! Our collaborator recalls what the Pygmalion effect is and explains how she uses it as a positive lever in her relationship with her students and in her classroom management in general.

Vicarious trauma in the teacher: preventing empathy from leading to burnout

Teaching is a profession that requires a lot of empathy. Accompanying someone in difficult situations can lead to "compassion fatigue", a phenomenon increasingly recognized among teachers. Here are 4 recommendations to prevent vicarious trauma from turning into burnout.