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(Finland) Meeting with Marjaana Kangas, playful learning specialist

During his recent educational expedition to Finland, our collaborator Marc-André Girard spoke with Professor Marjaana Kangas, from the University of Lapland, who studies the mechanisms of playful learning. Listen to the interview as a podcast or read its report here!

Quebec - Finland educational expedition: answers to your questions (part 2)

Several of you have sent us questions to ask Finnish education professionals. Here is the second and last part of the answers you have been waiting for!

The slow decline of Finnish education

Surprise! Finland has climbed to the top of the list of the best school systems in the world. Since that time, Finnish education has exercised a certain fascination among many education players from all over the world, including Quebec. However, since then Finland has started its slow decline in the same list. Why ?

Day 10 of the Quebec - Finland Expedition: vocational school

The Finnish vocational school ... a hybrid model between vocational training and Quebec CEGEPs, where digital technology plays a major role as much for the teacher as for the student who is at the gates of the job market.

Day 9 of the Quebec - Finland Expedition: educational research for the benefit of businesses

Day 9 of the Quebec-Finland expedition: There is often talk of educational research in Finland and, naturally, it is contextualized in the school environment. However, the Finnish business community is very interested in the digital aspect in education, and this is having a definite impact.