United States: school boards want to better assess "21st century skills"

Better assessing "21st century skills" in schools should be a priority according to the National School Board Association (NSBA), reports eSchool News. To do this, access to digital content is essential, believe school board leaders.

The Hubert-Reeves Literary Prize for Popular Science

The Association of Scientific Communicators (ACS) launches the Hubert-Reeves literary prize for popularization of science. Awarded during the Quebec International Book Fair in 2011: it will reward a work published between December 1, 2009 and December 1, 2010 in Canada, and dealing with a scientific subject popularized for the general public.

Journalis-TIC: a communication and sharing project

The virtual journal Journalis-TIC has been online since 2007. In three years, hundreds of special education students from across Quebec have taken part. A production written in the form of pictograms or comics, why not?

An iClasse in Saint-Léonard

Montréal-Nord - Welcome to the iClasse, a grade 6 class for the 21st century, completely technological without a textbook or desk.

A challenge to sharpen your gray matter!

After inviting young people to move, Quebec athlete Pierre Lavoie offers them to sharpen their brainpower. The competition, which will be launched on Wednesday, aims to promote school perseverance and healthy lifestyles.

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