An interactive explanatory window

Some students attending the daycare services of the Montreal school board had a surprise at the start of the 2010 school year: interactive terminals were installed in their premises. The objective of the project: to promote the use, by elementary school students, of the services of Allô prof, a charitable organization that promotes school perseverance.

Resources for sex education

At the beginning of December, the Committee on Culture and Education submitted a report to the National Assembly of Quebec. This report encouraged a return to sex education classes in Quebec schools. While waiting for the recommendations to materialize, here are some resources for educators who want to discuss sexuality with their students.

A helping hand for teachers connected to history

Developing classroom learning and assessment situations from an interactive whiteboard can be very complicated if the teacher starts this project from scratch. However, many of them create whiteboard activities and make them available online, for free. This is the case of the teacher Jean-François Lévesque and the educational advisor Jean-Luc Trussart, who came to present their work at the AQEUS congress.

RECIT TBI workshop

The RÉCIT presented the workshop Interactivity in the classroom: TBI portal and educational software during the National Meeting of Société GRICS last November. Led by Mélissa Bricault and France Leclerc, RÉCIT resource people, the workshop gave participants the opportunity to look at what the TBI tool is. It also enabled them to discover what the TBI portal of RÉCIT and the Educational software site do to support school staff in the pedagogical and technological appropriation of the TBI tool.

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