Rethinking Secondary 4 History Teaching to Engage Students

In Quebec, the Secondary IV history course is "a big year", as teachers of this sanctioned discipline often say. In this context, how can we rethink the teaching of this course in order to better engage students in their learning, while ensuring that the annual objectives are met? Two projects along these lines were presented at the 2022 Acfas Congress.

"Chiller à la maison": a look at the digital practices of Quebec teenagers during the pandemic

Teenagers are social beings. However, all socialization spaces in Quebec were closed in the spring of 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. There was no longer any opportunity for physical contact. Nina Duque, a lecturer at the Université du Québec à Montréal, took an interest in the daily lives of Quebec teens during this troubled period.

The #Édubrèves - June 14, 2022 edition

Happy Tuesday! Here are the #Edubrèves of the week. In this edition: the Youth Digital Literacy Recognition Award, two new master's degrees in teaching, teachers wanted for a study on classroom management, fun activities to counter the summer slide, an interactive guide to make a business project in a school a reality, registration is open for the Virtual Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education (IDEA 2022) and much more!

Media literacy in a time of great upheaval

If, today, we talk more than ever about media literacy, it is not by chance. Indeed, we live in an era where we are immersed in an unprecedented flow of information all day long. While some information is more truthful than others, recognizing the right information is not easy and requires a certain amount of media literacy. During the Press and Media Week, the subject was the subject of a panel discussion. 

Ethical issues related to the use of digital technology for evaluation

Some ethical issues arise when it comes to assessment using digital tools in education. The topic recently made headlines when students were allowed to use the Usito dictionary on the Secondary 5 writing exam. "What if we started by deconstructing the concept of assessment?" is the question a group of researchers is asking. They recently discussed it at the Acfas conference.

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