The CFL Challenge is back in February!

The Girls' Code announces the opening of registrations for Le Défi LCDF which will animate the schools of Quebec City, Lévis, Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, from February 1 to 28, 2023. Teachers and their students will be invited to mobilize in order to collectively achieve 30,000 hours of digital education in the classroom (🤝 Sponsored story)

Haylem launches a new version of Lexibar for people with reading and writing difficulties

Press Release - Haylem, a Quebec-based company specializing in the design and marketing of a technological learning tool, launches its latest version of the Lexibar software, the LP5X.

Reading on screen and reading on paper, same strategies?

Have paper-based reading strategies been transferred to the screen? That's the question Isabelle Carignan, an education researcher at Université TÉLUQ, and her colleagues asked themselves. The answer is not so simple. "Reading on a screen is both similar and different from reading on paper," they write. But one thing is for sure, some paper-based reading strategies are mobilized when reading on a screen.

The Online Visual: The Perfect Tool for Language Learning

Press Release - With over 12 million copies sold worldwide, Le Visuel is reinvented in digital format. See the objects and phenomena of everyday life revealed through hyper-realistic illustrations enriched with reliable and precise terms.

What kind of image education in the age of social networks?

Dans un monde saturé d'images, l'éducation devient déterminante pour aider les jeunes (et les moins jeunes) à aller au-delà des émotions lorsqu'ils se retrouvent face à des contenus viraux. L’école a un rôle à jouer pour initier les jeunes à une approche réfléchie des images, d’autant que de plus en plus de très jeunes enfants sont exposés aux réseaux sociaux. Un article de La Conversation.