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Exploratorium Announces Free Online Educational Resources

Learning toolbox offers at-home activities on the science of viruses, general science topics.

How Helsinki implements and supports smart learning environments

Finland is often cited as an inspirational model for improving school systems. But how does this happen? Here, the City of Helsinki's Education Division offers us an insight!

New NASA STEM lesson plans celebrate space exploration

Microsoft Education and NASA have teamed up to offer eight new #HackingSTEM lessons about living and working in space.

Empowering Children to Be Active and Responsible Digital Citizens Is Critical in the Age of AI

“While some governments and parents respond by restricting access, these strategies can come at the cost of digital opportunity and skill development.”

US EdTech Industry: Much Work Still Needed to Ensure Student Safety

According to a Common Sense's 2019 "State of EdTech Privacy Report", the US edtech industry is taking steps to improve privacy policies but much work is still needed to ensure student safety.