École virtuelle francophone en Nouvelle-Écosse: Learning traces at the heart of evaluation

The Conseil scolaire acadien provincial, which includes Nova Scotia's 22 French-language schools, has offered a virtual school since 2012. This allows for more course choices for students in grades 11 and 12. All courses in the Virtual School are available to students in all schools. At the Virtual School at CSAP, students progress through their academic journey independently. Teachers periodically collect learning records through triangulation to ensure that objectives are being met. An incursion into the reflections behind the practices put in place.

  Mistakes as a Teaching Tool: What is EVOluation?

More than 90% of students in classrooms are video game enthusiasts (Toppo, 2015), and they are therefore accustomed to persevering to overcome increasingly complex levels. Moreover, younger teachers are more likely to understand the mechanisms associated with video games, being seasoned players themselves, sometimes even die-hard gamers.

  Implementing digital portfolios in preschool and elementary school

In 2021-2022, Coeur-Soleil School piloted the digital portfolio with two grade levels. Two types of portfolios were implemented, a group portfolio for preschool and an individual portfolio for grade 3 students. Here is a summary of the process and an overview of the results observed! 

  Triangulate Evidence of Learning and Evaluation

Evidence of learning includes products, observations and conversations (the three sources that make up triangulation). Digital tools are gradually used to facilitate this triangulation. By making it possible to create a greater variety of evidence (written, audio, visual, etc.), these tools provide more options for teachers and students.