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Social media is entering the classroom

Facebook has 500 million users around the world. Twitter counts 175 million. Twenty-four hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. In 2010, more than three quarters (78 %) of Quebec Internet users frequented or contributed to the content of at least one social media, according to CEFRIO. The education network is no exception to this enthusiasm. Some school boards have embarked on the adventure. Others are still hesitant. But all agree to say that we can no longer ignore this new reality.

The Internet in the Lives of Young People: Guide for Critical Researchers

Researchers at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi are currently interested in the exercise of critical thinking when browsing the Internet. As part of their research, they explored the critical skills of future teachers. We offer you a file related to their research.

Copyright and the Internet: Ethics in the Classroom

A joint file of Carrefour education and Infobourg. By Marc-André Brouillard.

Reading on the screen: challenges of the connected reader

A joint file from Carrefour education and Infobourg. By Marc-André Brouillard

Ludovia Summer University 2010

All the articles produced by the Infobourg team about the Ludovia 2010 summer school are listed here.