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Those teachers who tweet

Since the experiments of pioneer Laurence Juin, teachers from here and elsewhere have been following the Twitter wind. With a discreet glance through the branches to find out what the popular microblogging platform can offer them at the professional level, some have taken off and made it a real educational tool to develop writing skills. Six educators draw this landscape in the making.

Teaching in the age of hackers

Teaching has long been considered an art. The teacher knew, the student drank his words. Then science got involved. Psychological currents have come to bring scientific foundations to pedagogy. And now, technologies are taking up more and more space. They are almost completely integrated into society and creep into school even when we try to prevent them, disrupting learning methods and students' expectations. The teaching profession has enough to live with an identity crisis! This dossier will provide a brief overview of the psychological foundations of the science of education and attempt to glimpse the future of the role of the teacher in the world of ICT.

Schools without borders… or almost!

A joint file from Infobourg and Carrefour education. Will the school of the future still have walls? Either way, today's school walls are less and less of a barrier to discovery, learning and collaboration. Not only does the Internet provide access to a phenomenal amount of information, but web 2.0 also allows enriching exchanges.

New ideas for elementary school teachers

Before the holidays, Infobourg presented several articles following the congress of the Association québécoise des médecins du primary. Others had also been published earlier on topics that were presented in the workshop. We have therefore all gathered them in the same folder for those who could not attend or who wish to refresh their memory!

The ABCs of digital textbooks

If paper textbooks rhyme with green board, digital textbooks are beginning to rhyme with interactive whiteboard. In classrooms as in publishing houses, there is a lot of discussion about this transformation of teaching material. Is this the start of a new era?