Reconciling Teaching Practice with Evidence-based Data

Educational research is a very dynamic field. A lot of action research and increasingly more collaborative research (which means that classrooms are welcoming research teams) is occurring everywhere. However, the results do not often leave the inside of the walls of universities and research centers so that it can be applied in schools. This is not because of lack of interest in doing so, but mostly because there is a reluctance and a fear of dogmatism.

"Augmented Peer Feedback for Learning Purposes

The PERISCOPE network, which has been holding panels about the inequalities and inequities exacerbated by Covid-19 since the spring of 2020, is interested in peer feedback as a promising course of action. Feedback is provided when one person provides information to another to help them better understand, behave better, or progress in an activity. What we mean here by "augmented feedback", is feedback given verbally or in writing, supported by a digital tool during a learning and evaluation situation (LES).

How Can Teachers and Parents Promote Students' Digital Literacy Skills?

Teachers and parents play a crucial role in helping young people to develop the foundational digital skills and social practices that enable them to become critical readers, writers, and participants in a complex world where digital technologies shape how we think, understand and interact. Here are three strategies that teachers and parents can use to support digital literacies learning.

"First Peoples Project: A realistic, multidisciplinary ... and digital initiative!

Reconciling multidisciplinary learning and the integration of digital productions in partnership with pre-service teachers, is what sixth-grade elementary school teacher Jean-François Mercure and Professor Séverine Parent accomplished during the winter of 2022.

Investing in Technologies for Student Learning: 4 Principles School Boards and Parents Should Consider

Technology, in its many forms, has been present in the classroom since the introduction of the blackboard, followed decades later by the overhead projector. Now, in our digital age, classroom environments can always be connected to the Internet, and educators need to make choices about both hardware and software.

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