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Guides for secondary school

  Racism in Sport: Past and Present

Plusieurs athlètes parmi les plus grands, comme Mohamed Ali, à la boxe, ou Jackie Robinson, au baseball, ont vécu de la discrimination raciale toute leur vie. Vous pensiez que c'était maintenant fini? Malheureusement non. Regard sur le phénomène du racisme dans le sport.

  Women in power around the world

In the last few years, women have gained access to positions that, until then, were mainly reserved for men. Let's remember that Canada was led for a few months in 1993 by Mrs. Kim Campbell. Then, in 2012, Quebec elected Pauline Marois as its first female Prime Minister. Who are the women in power in the world?

  Women's rights: from yesterday to today

March 8 is International Women's Day. It is an opportunity to take stock of past struggles, but above all to prepare for the future and the opportunities that await future generations of women.

  In March, let's talk about nutrition!

The month of March is an opportunity to learn about the benefits of healthy nutrition. In fact, throughout the month, Dietitians of Canada highlight several tools and initiatives to support the importance of good nutrition.

  On the Pont des Arts in Paris: no more "love padlocks

The Pont des Arts in Paris was famous for its tons of love locks until 2014. However, part of the fence collapsed under their weight. Let's take a closer look at where this tendency for lovers to hang a padlock on public infrastructure to symbolize their love comes from, as well as the importance of finding more... environmentally friendly alternatives!