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Guides for secondary school

Eco-epidemiology: when germs make the good life!

These days, we hear a lot about the respiratory viruses that affect young people and overflow hospitals in Canada and elsewhere in the world. And that's not counting the traditional nuisances of gastros and lice, which don't take a vacation either! A look at eco-epidemiology, an emerging discipline that focuses on the environmental factors that influence disease transmission.

A Northern Community on the Front Lines of Global Warming

Tuktoyaktuk is an Inuvialuit hamlet located in the very north of the Northwest Territories. This village of less than 1000 inhabitants is threatened to disappear at any moment. There, in the Great North, global warming is far from being an abstract concept and it is an entire community that risks being engulfed by the next big wave. Let's take a closer look.

Ideas for activities to discover Christmas

Here are some ideas for classroom activities on the theme of Christmas. We create a quiz, discover traditions around the world, write to Santa to ask him for a book, share traditional recipes and enter into the elves' madness!

8 billion people on Earth!

According to United Nations (UN) figures, we will have passed 8 billion people on Earth on November 15, 2022. What is at stake? These activity ideas will help you think about this with your students.

Black Friday or No Purchase Day?

In the following activities, we learn about the origin of “Black Friday” and No Buy Day, compare the two ethically and create a crazy math review quiz. crazy!