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Guides for secondary school

  The periodic table of elements: more than 150 years of science

On March 6, 1869, scientist Dmitry Mendeleev revolutionized the world of science by presenting his work on the periodic table of elements. Take a look at 150 years of history of the famous Periodic Table of the Elements.

  March 20: World Happiness Day

Every year on March 20, the United Nations celebrates World Happiness Day. Let's take a closer look at what each of us can do to contribute.

  Maple farming: from sap to maple syrup!

In the spring, in North America, the sugar maples are flowing and maple syrup producers collect their sap to transform it in many ways. Let's discover the different facets of maple syrup through different activity ideas and a host of useful resources.

  Racism in Sport: Past and Present

Plusieurs athlètes parmi les plus grands, comme Mohamed Ali, à la boxe, ou Jackie Robinson, au baseball, ont vécu de la discrimination raciale toute leur vie. Vous pensiez que c'était maintenant fini? Malheureusement non. Regard sur le phénomène du racisme dans le sport.