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Guides for secondary school

Facebook for those under 13?

Facebook is looking for a way to open its social network to those under 13. What? It is forbidden to them? Well yes, even if many users have already easily bypassed this restriction ...

Is this car polluting?

Each year, different organizations around the world classify vehicles according to their pollution rating. What does this mean, concretely?

The biggest student conflict in Quebec continues

The Quebec government has announced an increase in tuition fees at the university level of around 75 % over 5 years. Since that time, nothing has worked and a large part of the students have been on strike for 3 months.

An international celebration of jazz

UNESCO celebrated the first International Jazz Day on April 30. Let's take the opportunity to get to know this style of music and its famous artists better.

London Olympics

The London Summer Olympics will officially begin on July 27, 2012, and end on August 12. We are already preparing to follow this colorful event!