A Meeting with…Eliezer Sherbatov

"A Meeting With" series allows teachers to introduce their students to famous personalities. Today we're learning about Eliezer Sherbatov, a hockey player from Montreal who started his career in Quebec and until recently played for the Marioupol team in Ukraine.

March: month of the Francophonie

Over 270 million people speak French in the world. March is an opportunity to promote this rich language .

What is cryptocurrency?

Have your students ever heard of cryptocurrency, a type of currency that has been the subject of much conversation over the past few years? What do they know? As long as you discuss it with them, here are some ideas for activities to do around this subject, in French and in mathematics!

February: Black History Month in Canada

Black history in Canada is found in very few of our books. The month of February is therefore an opportunity to talk about it, to become aware of the past and the path that remains to be traveled. Here is a host of resources and activity ideas to talk about it in high school, also integrating digital!

A new football helmet in the NFL: a Quebec creation!

At the invitation of the NFL (National Football League), a group of Quebec engineers created a helmet that absorbs the energy of the blows to redistribute it. Let's take this news to learn more about the history and culture surrounding American football, discuss the science of injury prevention in sports, and discover other inventions from home!