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Celebrating the passage to the new year

January 1 marks the beginning of a new year in the Gregorian (or solar) calendar. Here are some ideas for activities to mark the beginning of the new year with your students.

The artificial intelligence that is revolutionizing education is just a click away!

Artificial intelligence: we know that it is having an increasingly important impact on our lives, but it is difficult for most of us to understand. Recently, the arrival of the ChatGPT application provides one of the most concrete manifestations of its power and impact on teaching and learning. Here are some ideas for activities around the topic.

Eco-epidemiology: when germs make the good life!

These days, we hear a lot about the respiratory viruses that affect young people and overflow hospitals in Canada and elsewhere in the world. And that's not counting the traditional nuisances of gastros and lice, which don't take a vacation either! A look at eco-epidemiology, an emerging discipline that focuses on the environmental factors that influence disease transmission.

Ideas for activities to discover Christmas

Here are some ideas for classroom activities on the theme of Christmas. We create a quiz, discover traditions around the world, write to Santa to ask him for a book, share traditional recipes and enter into the elves' madness!

8 billion people on Earth!

According to United Nations (UN) figures, we will have passed 8 billion people on Earth on November 15, 2022. What is at stake? These activity ideas will help you think about this with your students.