David Bowie stages his own death

Rock legend David Bowie passed away earlier this week, just two days after releasing his latest album. His Lazarus music video has been viewed over eleven million times, helping to set a record-breaking day of views for music videos available on Vevo.

  December 8, 1980 died a music legend

On December 8, 1980 on his way home, John Lennon, former member of The Beatles and iconic singer of an entire generation, was shot at point blank range by a "fan".

Gangnam Style!

The Gangnam Style music video, by 34-year-old South Korean artist Psy, rose to the top of the YouTube hosting site's most viewed videos on November 24.

An international celebration of jazz

UNESCO celebrated the first International Jazz Day on April 30. Let's take the opportunity to get to know this style of music and its famous artists better.