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Is it possible to reduce your consumption of candy at Halloween?

For a majority of young people, Halloween is synonymous with candy. However, is it possible to intelligently manage the consumption of sweets on this festive day? And if candy was banned from school, how would students react? We're looking into these questions!

A Meeting With... Samian

This guide in the "A Meeting With...." series provides resources and activity ideas for learning about important people. Today we're looking at Samian an artist member of the Abitibiwinni First Nation who promotes the beauty of his culture.

20 years after the attacks of September 11, 2001: artists come back to the effects

20 years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, which claimed the lives of thousands of Americans, Quebec artists of North African origin look back at the effects of racism they have since been victims of in a sobering web series.

Better understand the work of journalists

Press and Media Week, which runs from May 3 to 7, 2021, is an opportunity to learn about the work of journalists and discover the role of the media in society.

Ramadan begins for millions of Muslims

From April 13 to May 12, 2021, millions of people around the world will experience the rhythm of sunrise and sunset. Ramadan begins for Muslims.