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Create educational videos

Discover how it is possible to make videos with PowerPoint by simply using the same features you already know, such as inserting images and diagrams, animating content, using video capture, etc. In this CréaCamp discovery, you will have the chance to learn how to use this incredible tool.

The tools of La Digitale

La Digitale is a collection of simple, free and open source digital applications that make teaching more efficient and dynamic. Collaborative board, sharing wall, survey tool, screen organizer, word cloud and activity path creator, random draw, text and video cleanup tool and much more are on the program!

Do math differently

Discover web resources that will revolutionize your classroom!

iDoceo for classroom management and planning

In this second workshop, it is about the full potential of the Idocéo application, a powerful tool for linking your planning to concrete traces such as forms, custom grids and more! Basic knowledge of the application is required.

Easily create incredible visual content with Canva

Always wanted to create your own educational videos, but found editing software too complex to use? Discover how intuitive, easy-to-use and accessible Canva is for creating short videos. Come and be inspired by the many ways you or your students can integrate educational video into the classroom!

Conquering Minecraft!

Minecraft Education, a software? No, a game (!) and also a powerful motivational tool for students. Through the workshop, we want to allow teachers to discover how to use the serious game in the classroom, the mechanics of the game Minecraft and its various features. At the end of the workshop, you will have the necessary knowledge to accompany a group of students in the realization of a teaching sequence, while having access to a multitude of projects in social sciences, mathematics, French and science and technology.

Google for managers

Digital is not only interesting for serving teachers and students. On the contrary, it can be an ally for everyone, especially managers. How to use the tools to improve the efficiency of follow-ups, information transmission, data logging? This course will help you to push your working methods further.

Introduction to inclusive app design with Apple tools

Introducing your class to inclusive app design is easy with tools provided by Apple.

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