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Alloprof: an increasingly collaborative platform

Over the past year, the Alloprof homework assistance service has been in demand more than ever by primary and secondary students. Various additions have been made to the platform and more are to come.

The Techno Discovery Camp is back this summer

The Techno Discovery Camp is intended for young people aged 11 to 16 and is run by university engineering students. It aims to introduce them to the digital world.

Better informed to be an informed citizen

As parents, how can you help your child learn more? The three key skills to develop are: verify the source, verify the claim and trace information to the source. 

Learn to read and count with Alec

Alec's Odyssey is an edutainment game for learning French and mathematics. Available free for families during spring break.

Espace pour la vie offers a series of podcasts and spring break activities

Space for Life is launching an all-new podcast series for children ages 7 to 9 and offers many online spring break activities.

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