Educational leadership camp: Feedback on my professional and personal learning

From August 13 to 15, the EDU squad team presented its first Educational Leadership Camp. Our colleague Stéphanie was on site to interview participants. She has agreed to share her own inspiring learnings here.

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From August 13 to 15, the EDU squad team presented its first Educational Leadership Camp. Our colleague Stéphanie was on site to interview participants. She has agreed to share her own inspiring learnings here.

From August 13 to 15, the escouadeEDU team, made up of Marius, Marie-Andrée and Stéphane, created a perfect context to stimulate the educational leader in everyone: the Educational Leadership Camp. During these three days, I had the privilege of opening up to you, live on the EDU squad facebook page, a window on the experience of the participants, a hundred educators invested in their profession coming from different provinces and different schools, ready to innovate inside their box. 

Find his joker to better live the #1RETIMES!

I learned so much about myself by making these clips live! It must be said that it was the first time. Usually I'm entitled to editing for my interviews. At the time, therefore, I must admit that I was really nervous. The first few times (#1reFOIS), it's always unknown and it's uncomfortable. 

It is once I have started the action that I observe myself, I adjust myself and I take pleasure in it. It's overwhelming to go through this learning process, but once it's aware and tamed, it always takes me further. My joker, as Serge Goyette would say, that is to say what helps me get out of uncomfortable situations is to don't take me seriously. This is definitely what has been the most helpful for me to maintain a gentle and positive dialogue with myself in this new situation. It is also one of the 12 leader habits proposed by EDU squad: #1 Maintain a positive dialogue.

I did my first live with Stéphane a few minutes before it starts. I was feverish, Stéphane also I imagine since the camp was about to start. I installed my device, it was 10 times that I checked all the details. I started the live video, then a message appeared on the screen and I started to read it aloud… We were already live, oops! Once the video clip was finished, I felt a great relief and a certain pride in myself. The first was done! YEAH! 

Later, we finally realized that the device should always be placed vertically, and not horizontally as we did, when broadcasting live on Facebook! Go see, the video is published vertically and you have to turn your neck to look at us! It is to die for laughing! We learn…

I reveal a secret ...

The camp started, the participants were attentive and you could feel the intensity of the room. Then I took the stage to introduce myself. I wanted to share something about me that we couldn't have guessed. Who would have thought that Stéphanie Dionne, the one who adores leading educational meetings, discussion panels and presenting a conference, received marks of 60 % in oral expression at all stages of each of the years of her high school? Who? No one, except those who went through high school with me. 

They often saw me as white as a sheet in front of the class. I didn't even hear what I was saying. My brain had possibly chosen to avoid the pain of hearing myself stammer. I thank him for it today. After each oral presentation, I returned to sit down with great disappointment in my heart and immense discomfort. When the sound of the bell rang, I finally felt liberated. My attention was then directed towards a universe of oral expression also known as human or interpersonal relations, in which I felt better. In fact, I felt it myself. 

While sharing this secret in front of the room, I still opened a drawer of unpleasant sensations that was tightly closed in a small corner of my mind. I tasted again, for a brief moment, this feeling of being poached in front of the class. I even forgot what I wanted to say to end my presentation. As I left the stage, I used my joker. It ended well!

I never thought that making peace with this episode from the past would transform its traces into greater self-confidence, coupled with great humility. #JOIE 

Take a step back and reflect to achieve great learning

It is often with hindsight and reflection that the greatest learning is achieved. Leader Habits #2: Raising self-awareness and #6: Thinking. It is also rare that we can know the impact of our message on others even when it is imperfect in our eyes. Three people took the time to share it with me. I even received compassion via Twitter. 

One window always open, 21 capsules to watch

I am grateful for this great privilege that Marius, Stéphane and Marie-Andrée have offered me. It is an honor for me to have been able to rub shoulders with great educators like all these participants. I will never stop being impressed by all you do to provide positive experiences for young people. 

You are real #RockStarEDU !!!

Windows are always open on the Educational Leadership Camp. I invite you to watch some of the 21 capsules on the EDU squad Facebook page.

Also, to know the 12 habits of the leader, read the Marius blog.

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