Cadre21: an affordable professional development offer

Thanks to the Digital Action Plan, teachers in Quebec have access to professional development training absolutely free. One of the partner organizations of the PAN within the framework of the training courses (digital combos) is the Cadre21.

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Thanks to the Digital Action Plan (PAN), teachers in Quebec, whether they work in the public or private network, have access to professional development training absolutely free. One of PAN's partner organizations within the framework of training courses (digital combos) is the Center for Animation, Development and Educational Research for the 21st Century, or Cadre21.

The Frame21

Result of the "setting in motion of a vast project of research and reflection on schools in the 21st century ”, this center for educational and organizational innovation takes three types of action in order to change the world of education: animation and networking, professional development, educational research. His mission : " Support French-speaking stakeholders in the world of education - teachers, educational staff and school executives - in their reflection, their professional development and their watch on the major challenges of education in the 21st century ”.

Professional development offer

Offering a rich range of professional development opportunities, Cadre21 has set up a system for obtaining badges for professionals who undertake one of their training courses. Thus, it is possible to display the subjects on which we have developed new skills as well as its level of expertise on a public profile (it is possible to access the profiles of the members of the Framework at the address

The subjects to be deepened through the courses offered are:

  • Collaborative writing
  • Social networks
  • Graphic organizers
  • Creative programming
  • Reverse class
  • Design thought
  • Educational differentiation
  • Gamification
  • Universal design for learning
  • Feedback to learners
  • Class management

For each learning subject, four levels of expertise are available:

  1. Explorer: the learner is invited to build his knowledge about the skill under study and to reflect on its impacts.
  2. Architect: the learner engages in the design of an activity scenario, to then experience it and reflect on the process experienced.
  3. Virtuoso: the learner designs a learning sequence, integrates the skill that is the subject of his training and analyzes his practice.
  4. Innovator: to obtain this badge, several aspects are considered, such as concrete experiences, knowledge transfer, teacher support, leadership development.

Take advantage of this offer!

This training offer is interesting for all teachers, because it allows you to choose the skills to be developed and to determine the desired level of commitment. It is possible to familiarize yourself with different concepts before choosing those to study in depth. In addition, it is possible to complete these training courses in the comfort of one's home, during a free period at school or at any other time of availability. These are the ideal conditions to embark on a process of continuous (and affordable) professional development.

Through its professional development offer and all of its work, Cadre21 recently received the award Educational innovation during the CIRT @ Congress.

To see the full range of Cadre21, go to

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