C Plaaate: humorous capsules to help teens experience confinement better

Maison Jean Lapointe unveils its brand new “C Plaaate” channel, created to help Quebec teenagers to better cope with this period of isolation linked to Covid-19.

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Maison Jean Lapointe unveils its brand new chain " C Plaaate ", created to help Quebec teenagers to better cope with this period of isolation linked to Covid-19.

C Plaaate is an entertainment that features Alfred, a young confined teenager. He tells a humorous story about his new daily life. Alfred's objective is to support young people during this troubled period and to use the news to convey his messages and his preventive advice, while offering solutions to preserve his mental and physical health.

Surrounded by a few collaborators - his parents and his little sister, confinement requires! - Alfred took the opportunity to make suggestions to teens in order to inform them on a host of topics related to adolescence, health, family, hyperconnectivity, the development of critical judgment and the importance of sound management of his emotions. But here, no moralizing discourse, the main objective of the project is to preserve the link with young people, to demonstrate that even if they are isolated, they are not alone and that it is normal to feel contradictory emotions.

Throughout the capsules, Alfred wants to become a reassuring figure for Quebec teens who can identify and communicate with him via social media. Thanks to Alfred, the Jean Lapointe House offers young people a caring presence to help them get through this difficult time.

Anne Elizabeth Lapointe, Director General specifies on this subject “confinement has undeniably impacts on the mental health and anxiety of adolescents but deconfinement will also bring its share of challenges. How will they approach the return to school benches and the resumption of even limited social life? Will wanting to make up for “lost time” have repercussions in the form of excessive consumption? As a leader in the fight against addictions, it is our duty to anticipate this reality and to support our young people today ”.

Creating a bond to protect our young people from isolation

Since the start of confinement, the adolescents have also undergone a radical change in their lifestyle. Cut off from their friends, their hobbies, their lovers, they find themselves obliged to stay at home and take their troubles patiently.

What will be the consequences of this isolation, in the short term as in the long term? This question, the professionals of La Maison Jean Lapointe have been asking themselves for several weeks and for Jean-François Poirier, director of prevention programs, addressing young people during this period was obvious: " Our role, since 2004, has been to offer addiction prevention to adolescents, in particular through our workshops in schools. It was essential that, despite the cessation of school activities, we could continue our mission and maintain our link with young people. ".

The capsules C Plaaate are available on social platforms Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.

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