The suggestions for the day are very simple: they will allow your students to remember some important things in the news of the year, while working on their skills in carrying out a survey and disseminating the results.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- call on their long-term memory to highlight the significant events of the year;
- organize a survey of pupils at the same level;
- conduct the survey using a technological tool, Google Drive;
- interpret the results of the survey;
- communicate the results.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: I remember ...

The year 2012 is already coming to an end. The Christmas holidays are coming. The radios play their “tops” of the year and the television channels take stock of the news. By the way, what is this assessment of current events for your students?
Start with a little foray into their memory by asking them: what were the significant events in 2012?
Write the answers given by the pupils on the board (interactive or not). Make sure everyone remembers what it is basically.
Then ask students, in small groups, to group together:
- organization by "scope", either local, regional, national or international;
- organization by subject, such as politics, environment, science, etc .;
- they can add another degree of organization if they wish.
Then ask one or two groups to quickly present their work and explain it.

ACTIVITY 2: Conduct a survey

Now is the time to see if the highlights of the class are the same as those of the other students of the level (or the school, depending on the scope you want to give to the project).
Invite the class to prepare a survey using the Google Drive form tool.
Here are the steps in brief:
- Establish an objective for this survey (eg: To know the 3 most significant events of the year in Quebec according to the Secondary 3 students of Du Rang school.).
- Formulate the questions.
- Decide if an incentive is offered (eg: Respond to the survey and have a chance to win a gift certificate, a book, etc.).
- Build the form in Google Drive.
- Decide how to distribute the questionnaire, and distribute it.
- Collect the answers and make a summary.
- Disseminate the results.
As a large group, students could decide to separate the task by assigning each team one of the stages of completion.

ACTIVITY 3: My top 3

Each student in the class will be invited to think about their own “top 3” of the year's news. In a written document, he must, for each news item, recall what it consisted of and why he chose it. Why not collect all the productions and post them on the class blog?

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