Review of the first year of Digital Succession in Quebec

At the dawn of the new school year, CyberCap and its major partner Mon Avenir TI highlighted the achievements of the first year of deployment of Relève numérique in Quebec City.

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Montreal, September 10, 2019 - At the dawn of the new school year, CyberCap and its major partner Mon Avenir TI celebrated the achievements of the first year of deployment of Relève numérique in Quebec.

Guest of honor for the occasion, Mr. Éric Caire, Minister for Digital Transformation, made it clear that: “Digital succession is a promising and necessary initiative in a context of deep transformation and growing labor shortage. qualified ”.

Directly linked to the government's digital policy, Relève numérique is a program for the professional exploration of digital professions with the objectives of promoting the perseverance and academic success of young people and fostering the emergence of a succession in the digital sector in Quebec.

Concerned about the importance of awakening, raising awareness and training a qualified workforce, the president of CyberCap, Caroline De Guire indicated that: “CyberCap has made succession a strategic priority since 2012 by financially supporting the development of digital succession while leveraging its 20 years of expertise in the use of digital technology with young people ”.

Faced with the challenge of growth, companies have not hesitated to get involved financially. To this end, Michel Loranger, president of Mon Avenir TI, said: “young people need to be interested in information technologies from high school onwards, and this is where Relève numérique delighted us. This is why we have been fully involved from the start in the provincial deployment of Digital Relève ”.

At the end of the first year of deployment in Quebec, nearly 900 young people have lived the Digital Relève experience. In total, CyberCap gave 75 hours of classroom activities to students from De la Seigneurie, De Rochebelle and Le Sommet schools.

The 2018-2019 digital succession activities deployed in Quebec City were made possible thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Mon Avenir Ti, Power 11, Groupe Dallaire, Fondation Dollar d 'money, from the Cabinet of the Minister for Digital Transformation and the Cabinet of the Minister of the Economy and Innovation. In response to the strong demand from secondary schools wishing to benefit from Digital Relève, CyberCap plans to double the deployment during the school year which begins. In order to offer activities free of charge, CyberCap invites companies concerned with the future of young people to invest in digital succession by sponsoring a school.

About CyberCap
Active since 2000, CyberCap is a charitable organization whose mission is to improve the situation of young people. Focusing on digital media, CyberCap sets up innovative and structuring projects to promote their social integration and contribute to their academic and professional achievement. Offered to more than 18,000 young people, CyberCap's actions are made possible thanks to the support of the following major partners: Emploi-Québec-Île de Montréal, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Mon Avenir Ti, Microsoft Canada and the City of Montreal.

About Mon Avenir TI
Founded in 2012, Mon Avenir TI now brings together 52 companies from the Quebec City region working towards a common goal: the promotion of career prospects offered in information technology in the Quebec City region. Bringing together companies making significant use of information technology in the region, whether in the public sector, business areas or consulting services, all unite collectively to promote the multiple opportunities offered in the domain.


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