Begpacking, the new beggar tourism

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A blogger from Singapore stirred up a stir by posting photos of young Westerners begging to "finance their trip around the world." This new phenomenon is called “begpacking”.

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In Malaysia or Hong Kong, Thailand or Singapore, Internet users from Southeast Asian countries are astonished, with supporting images, to see a new phenomenon emerging in their country: white tourists are doing the rounds. in the streets of their cities… to finance their trip. Some find this behavior strange, but others are outright indignant at this lack of respect.

Source: The observers, April 24, 2017

“The presence of these 'begpackers' (neologism formed from to beg - begging - and backpackers - backpacking), these Westerners who reach out to finance their adventures away from home, are going less and less unnoticed in Asia. Especially since these young beggars often have valuable goods (cameras, amplifiers, etc.) which signal that they are not exactly starving. "

Source:, April 24, 2017

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