BBpedago, a unique concept for the world of education

BBpédago is a platform for streaming exclusive content produced by Brault & Bouthillier and its partners. It allows teachers to be informed about the educational material offered and to receive technical training on innovative teaching tools and approaches. // SPONSORED REPORTAGE
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In the spring of 2020, the planet is hit by the pandemic and the world of education has not escaped. 

A few months ago, Brault & Bouthillier (B&B), a leader in the distribution of educational materials and a training organization accredited by the Labour Market Partners Board*, was already working on an innovative way to transmit its expertise to its customers wherever they are. 

The training courses offered by B&B in visual arts, educational games and educational robotics have always been very successful and have always been highly appreciated by education professionals. B&B's challenge was to continue to offer quality training content to all its clients. 

During the pandemic, the Facebook live and webinars on Zoom allowed the company to reach out to the school community in a different way. It was also an opportunity for B&B to answer some questions. What art techniques should be used for distance learning? What games are suitable for child care and maintain the necessary distance? What tools can be used to manage the anxiety of young learners? What robotics projects can we bring to life for students in this context? What will professionals need during and after the pandemic?            

To meet these present and future needs, hundreds of hours of content have been produced in all areas of education. Thus, in 2021 was born BBpedagoa platform for streaming exclusive content produced by B&B and its partners. Produced by an experienced team of educators in the field (principals, educational consultants, teachers) and delivered by qualified trainers, the video clips of BBpedago are unique! Their main objective is to to inform the educator about the educational material offered and to train him technically on innovative tools and pedagogical approaches in disciplines such as visual arts, science and technology, mathematics and many other subjects!

Rachid Abiza, Program Director at Robotique FIRST Québec, describes how his team uses the tool: 

"The training platform allowed our team to acquire the technical skills needed to conduct workshops with youth. We particularly appreciated the proposed path, the clarity of the content and the possibility to follow the course at our own pace to properly integrate the concepts learned. I highly recommend it!"

BBpedago This is a new technical advisor in the educational landscape. 

So, grab your tablets, phones and computers and enjoy the show!

*Brault & Bouthillier is a training organization accredited by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the purposes of the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

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