After 32 years in teaching, I am once again a "young growth"

After all these years, all these reforms and all these debates on education, here I am once again reinventing myself!

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After all these years, all these reforms and all these debates on education, here I am once again reinventing myself! After 32 years in teaching, I am once again a "young growth". La Fabrique Beaubois is much more than a Fablab or one Makerspace.

This is the most brutal and interesting way I have ever had to get closer and adjust to the new reality of teens in my classroom. I no longer want to teach them only "my reality" and the knowledge of the world in which I grew up and which justifies my way of being and of living. I want to understand this little citizen of a world which escapes me sometimes and which goes faster than the light. This world where jobs are becoming more and more virtual. This world in deconstruction which gradually makes old objects disappear from my daily life. We no longer receive newspapers, we no longer write many letters, we listen to virtual music and we subscribe to Netflix. Our children are no longer attached to television as we were and therefore it is I who must also do my part to accompany my students in this journey of which I do not know the end.

Changing is difficult, especially if you think and evaluate that you are doing a good job and that everything is working well. But, it's not for me that I want to change… it's for them. It is a major paradigm shift in education. I want to put the student in the middle of his learning in an environment that stimulates him, questions him, challenges him. I want pedagogy to be at the heart of technology and not the other way around. I already hear all the fears and reproaches before I even start. What is it for, it's just "bébelles", it's just for "geeks". 3D printers, laser cutters, 3D software, electrical wires, sewing machines, paper and pencils are all technological tools in the toolbox of young people.

The technology must make it possible to better understand concepts that would otherwise be more difficult to grasp or realize. Making a magnetic pulse motor in the classroom for a young person who is struggling with science can become a source of motivation and an interesting challenge. It is an incredible pretext for acquiring a lot of knowledge and rather abstract concepts, not to mention self-esteem. I want action verbs in my class like: analyze, understand, fabricate, build, explore, think about, do… MAKE.

La Fabrique Beaubois must be more than a place, it is a new way of conceiving education while continuing to do what we do best ...


Michel Choquette
Teacher in economics and contemporary world
Beaubois College, Pierrefonds

This article is part of the dossier " The establishment of a digital manufacturing workshop (makerspace) ", whose here is the list of articles in antecchronological order.

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