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Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at home

The Heart and Stroke Foundation (the “Foundation”) has launched the bilingual Infant CPR Anytime® personal training package that teaches parents, family and friends how to administer CPR on an infant. in order to save it in case of suffocation or cardiac arrest.

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OTTAWA, July 9 2013 / CNW / - The Heart and Stroke Foundation (the “Foundation”) launched the bilingual personal training package Infants CPR AnytimeMD that shows parents, family and friends how to administer CPR to an infant to save the infant in the event of choking or cardiac arrest.

Accidents and unintentional injuries, including drowning, suffocation and suffocation, are major causes of death in infants and children. It is in these situations that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid can save a child's life. Unfortunately, too many people across the country do not know what to do with a heart emergency.

Shannon Bannen knows full well how important it is to master CPR. Only a few weeks after the birth of her baby boy, a healthy baby, she had to show a courage that she would not have thought herself capable of in order to save his life. Seven-week-old Keegan started complaining and struggling to breathe one morning. Shannon reacted quickly and asked her husband to dial 9-1-1. Seconds later, Keegan stopped breathing and her heart stopped beating. “That's when I started CPR,” says Shannon.

Doctors later confirmed to her that CPR saved Keegan's life. “He never ran out of oxygen as long as I did the breaths,” she adds. Seeing him today, no one would believe he had experienced a trauma. "

Learning CPR takes very little time and can save a life. The kit Infants CPR Anytime of the Foundation includes a training DVD, an inflatable mini-dummy and a user-friendly illustrated manual.

Nothing is more tragic than the loss of a child, says DFarhan Bhanji, spokesperson for the Foundation. From this point of view, spending 20 minutes learning CPR to save a child's life is anything but a waste of time! "

Everyone can and should learn CPR! For more information on the kit Infants CPR Anytime Foundation or to order it (35 $, taxes and delivery not included), visit the heartandstroke.ca/nourrissonsrcr.

A voluntary health charity, the Heart and Stroke Foundation leads the fight to end heart disease and stroke and reduce its impact by preventing disease, preserving health. life and promoting recovery. Together, let's end heart disease and stroke for a healthy life. heartandstroke.ca



SOURCE: Heart and Stroke Foundation

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