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Learn more about what Antidote Web has to offer for schools, including support for Chromebooks and iPads, plus home use. | Infomercial
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Over the past year, thousands of students have benefited fromAntidote Web, the cloud-based version of the famous writing assistance software. The online application is experiencing significant growth, propelled among other things by its adoption at the college level.

What possibilities does Antidote Web offer?

  • Antidote Web works on virtually any device, including Chromebooks and iPads. It supports the various options designated by schools for their digital transformation, as does student personal devices. For use on iPad, you now have the choice between Antidote Mobile or Antidote Web (which also includes the corrector).
  • Antidote Web can be used at school and at home. It is certainly an asset during episodes of medical isolation. It is also an advantage for students who benefit from Antidote's linguistic tools for doing their homework. 
  • Antidote Web does not require installation. It opens directly online, in a browser window. However, connectors are available to integrate Antidote locally into software such as Word. 
  • Antidote Web is always up to date. All improvements and upgrades are performed on the application's servers and are included in the price of the subscription. 
  • The management interface makes it easy to grant access to students. What is more, the accesses can be reassigned as you wish, add a new person during the year or to reassign all the accesses at the start of the school year. 

Ideal for struggling students

With its versatility of use, Antidote Web is part of intervention plans for students with learning difficulties. In the same way as Antidote 10, Antidote Web is eligible for financial support from the Quebec Ministry of Education, among others with budget measures 30810-2 and 30110.

Discounts for schools

Institutions that hold a school site license can get up to 50 % off their Antidote Web subscription. To take advantage of this offer or to receive a quote, fill out this contact form

Druide informatique, the company that designed Antidote, is actively listening to the school community to take into account its needs in the development of new products. His school support program to date has accumulated over $ 4.25 million in software and maintenance donations.

In closing, if you want to adopt Antidote Web for yourself or your family, know that the application is included in the Antidote + packages!

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