Antidote for English now on iPhone and iPad

Druide informatique announces the publication of Antidote Mobile - English, a brand new application for the iPhone and iPad.

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Druide informatique announces the publication ofAntidote Mobile - Englisha brand new app for iPhone and iPad.

MONTREAL, March 29, 2017 / CNW Telbec / - Druide informatique announces the publication ofAntidote Mobile - Englisha brand new app for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Druide is thus offering, for the first time on mobile devices, an English edition of its famous software, with all the depth of its dictionaries and linguistic guides, as well as an original discovery and game mode.

Antidote Mobile - English indeed includes all the content of the English dictionaries and language guides introduced with Antidote 9. The dictionaries list 103,000 words, 1.4 million synonyms, 72,000 etymologies, 155,000 phonetic transcriptions, 700,000 co-occurrences and 2 , 3 million lexical field links. You can search for rhymes, anagrams, word pairs, word lists responding to a pattern with variables, and more. In 365 articles, the guides cover all aspects of English, from grammar to business writing. With Antidote Mobile - English, the user has a complete reference of English on a device that can be taken everywhere with him.

To explore all the richness of English, a Discoveries fun offers a choice of themes: rare words, countries, cities, famous people, proverbs and more; corresponding words are then displayed in sequence with their definition. The user can add their finds to a personal list in order to come back to it later or share it with others; a teacher can thus send her pupils lists of words to study. In game mode, the user puts his knowledge to the test by guessing, from their definition, a series of random words or a personal list of words; the game even offers him to share his results on Facebook or Twitter.

The interface inherits all the advances made for the French edition of Antidote Mobile, with touch management, optimizations for iPhone and iPad, full support for SplitView and SlideOver, quick search, voice commands, favorites, word lists, sharing and printing of content as well as synchronization via iCloud.

For users fluent in both languages, there are commands to easily switch from Antidote Mobile - French to Antidote Mobile - English and vice versa.

Antidote Mobile - English is on sale now on the App Store for € 14.99 (20.99 $). The Antidote Duo will soon offer both languages as a bundle, i.e. Antidote Mobile - French and Antidote Mobile - English, at the reduced price of € 24.99 (34.99 $), i.e. a reduction of 33 % on the second language.

Druide informatique produces and markets Antidote, the largest French and English writing assistance software, as well as Tap'Touche, the famous keyboard typing software. She also created the WebElixir service, which oversees the quality of websites. In addition to these applications, its sales team distributes the books of Éditions Druide, a subsidiary whose mission is to publish literature and reference works.


SOURCE Druide informatique inc.

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