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Over the past year, the Alloprof homework assistance service has been in demand more than ever by primary and secondary students. Various additions have been made to the platform and more are to come.

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Over the past year, the Alloprof homework assistance service has been in demand more than ever by primary and secondary students. Various additions have been made over the past year to meet changing needs, including a new mutual aid zone that allows for more collaboration.

The most recent addition to the Alloprof platform, the Mutual aid zone is a discussion forum where young people can ask questions and get answers in less than 30 minutes from teachers or even other students in the online space, which can be even faster.

“The Zone has just been put online and we can already see a great spirit of collaboration between the students who will respond to each other. Mutual assistance is really there. I find it very interesting to see the dynamic that is created between young people (who do not know each other) as they seek to help each other, ”says Sandrine Faust, CEO of Alloprof.

Moreover, during the first evening, 50 % of the answers posted on the forum had been answered by other students. She hopes the trend will continue. Obviously, Alloprof's experts are always on hand to ensure that the explanations given are correct.

Listening to young people

A new chat service that allows students to ask teachers their questions from any page on the Alloprof site has also been recently activated. Through this mode of communication, young people can even send photos of their school work to teachers, which facilitates exchanges.

Chat has quickly become the preferred method for young people to ask their questions: 80 % interactions now take place by this means.

“We really listen to young people, we follow their behavior and we adapt accordingly. We also have a test group of more than 600 young people who are consulted as soon as we develop new features for the site. For us, user experience is more than important. Our goal is to minimize any irritants that could prevent young people from applying or make them drop out of the search, ”says Ms. Faust. She adds that response times should also be shorter and shorter.

Video clips

In addition, some 150 video clips, the MiniRécups, are currently in production. These 15-minute interactive videos, all accompanied by dynamic questionnaires, are intended for high school students.

They are halfway between the videos which explain a single concept and the Cyberrevisions, which summarize an entire subject for the end-of-year exams, already available on the Alloprof site. They are directly linked to the essential knowledge identified for the current school year. The first 50 capsules will be available in May.

More than 175 teachers now make up the Alloprof team. They are available weekday evenings from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to answer students' questions.

Other novelties

A motivating timer for elementary school students: a timer allowing them to develop their autonomy, organize their work and regain their calm during the study period. But above all to learn the notion of time, which for some children remains rather difficult to define. 

Vegetable garden in danger : a game to help grade 4, 5 and 6 students review word classes (called word natures in traditional grammar).

Lonely reaction : a survival game to revise the balancing of chemical equations, a key notion in Secondary IV in science

Financial education and The contemporary world: around a hundred educational sheets that cover all financial education programs and the contemporary world to support secondary 5 students.

In addition :

  • Press release broadcast on April 12, 2021 by Alloprof
  • Video presenting Alloprof's emergency action plan

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